Morris Dancing

Lisa grew up with the Morris team Wicket Brood, who dance in the Border Morris tradition – a style that originates from the Welsh border with England. The dancers wield sticks and wear rag jackets face paint for disguise. Lisa danced with Boggart’s Breakfast Border Morris in Sheffield for between 2010 and 2015, and contributed the imaginatively named “Lisa’s dance” to the side’s repertoire. During this time she also joined the innovative young team Morris Offspring and got a crash course in Cotswold Morris. This is a style more typical of the Morris ‘stereotype’ with the dancers often wearing white clothing and waving hankies as well as sticks. She danced in the team’s farewell tour ‘The Furnace’ which visited 6 theaters across the UK, as well as appearing at The Royal Albert Hall as part of the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. From this experience she went on to found the Cotswold side Black Hart Morris, a side which mainly performs jigs for one or two dancers.

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