Ceilidh Calling


Loosely translated ‘ceilidh‘ means party, and has evolved to describe an energetic night of live music and dancing. Ceilidh dances come from traditions around the British Isles and are fun and inclusive to all ages/abilities, which means they’re great entertainment for all your family and friends! The caller’s role is to explain the dances and act as a master of ceremonies, in other words to make sure the evening runs smoothly and everyone has a fantastic time.

Calling Experience

Lisa grew up near London, going to ceilidhs across the UK from a young age. At the age of age 18 she worked with mentors from Cat’s Calling Academy to prepare her first calling gig at the popular Oxfolk ceilidh club. Later she became president of the Sheffield University Society, regularly guiding around a hundred inebriated students through an evening of energetic dancing!

She now has a wealth of experience from appearing at weddings, parties, dance clubs and folk festivals in the UK and abroad. Her repertoire of dances has expanded to include Old English Playford dances and American contra dances, as well as English, Scottish and Irish Ceilidh dances and some of her own devising. Her ethos is that that the important thing is having fun, not ‘getting it right’, so she will often adapt the dances to suit the age and ability of the audience. Whatever the event, she always aims for the evenings’ dancing to be fun, energetic and inclusive!

Live Music

Live music creates a vibrant atmosphere that will get your feet tapping and your guests on the dance floor! Lisa can call for a band of your choosing or if you prefer she can recommend a band to suit your needs. She currently works with a number of excellent live bands, including:

The Bristol Ceilidh Quartet

Threepenny Bit