Boston to Bournemouth- a busy busy summer of touring!

Well, ok, maybe calling it a tour is taking it a bit far, but I’ve definitely been a fair few places this summer. The complete tales of my travels would take quite a while, so here’s the highlights!
First stop, America! As part of a two week American adventure with Morris Offspring and Maple Morris I got the chance to go to Pinewoods folk dance camp near Boston, Massachusetts for the first time. Although we were really there for the morris dancing we did manage to get some ceilidh dancing in, when some of us were invited to call a few dances as part of the evening social dance, as well as running our own mini ceilidh as late night entertainment!


An outdoor dance pavilion at Pinewoods

The whole week we spent at pinewoods was fantastic fun, as was the amazing contra dance we went to in Boston. So much energy! I’ve definitely been inspired to do more dancing and calling in America, and maybe even branch out into contra calling… Although perhaps only when someone invents a mosquito repellant that actually works!
Next stop, Sidmouth, Devon, UK. A very busy but rewarding week – starting with calling one of the first ceilidhs of the festival at the Anchor gardens with the Jam and Crumpet band, an offshoot of the fabulous jazz ceilidh band Steamchicken. Cue the perfect opportunity to wear the tea-time themed earrings I acquired a year or so ago πŸ™‚


The band were great, and the gig went very well – despite my initial nervousness at doing my first ever gig at the daddy of all folk festivals! All was well though, and the first day was nicely completed by MCing for my fellow Yorkshire acts, Gilmore & Roberts and the Albion Band at the Bulverton stage – both of whom were on top form. By Sunday I was a little more relaxed and had the pleasure of calling for the fantastic Cupola trio at the Anchor Gardens – a band I know well in their 5-piece form, DanceCupola. The rest of my week was spent in the lovely company of Shooting Roots, where I was teaching morris, and Morris Offspring for our farewell gig on the Wednesday. Unfortunately the aforementioned farewell gig resulted in me twisting my ankle rather spectacularly – a turn of fate that made me glad to be a caller, as at least I can enjoy a ceilidh from the stage!
Despite injury I was son on my way to Broadstairs to call the final ceilidhs of the festival with the QP, another Yorkshire band. We had two fantastic gigs down at the pavilion – with the band cracking out some epic ceilidh mash-ups. Who’d have thought that Dizzee Rascal’s ‘come dance with me’ would work so well as a ceilidh tune πŸ˜€
So a fantastic summer, especially thanks to all the brilliant bands I’ve worked with! Don’t forget to check out my gigs page to find out what I’m up to next πŸ™‚

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